Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This "best of the year" list actually held a surprise for me, on a couple of different levels: both that the book "Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction" A) exists B) is on the list.  I had no idea this was happening:
Townsend uses the weight of her 23-year-old literary project to create an expert entertainment that's also a cogent, furious foreign-policy critique. Hypnotized by credit card offers, thirtysomething Adrian sinks hundreds of thousands of pounds into debt; the final calculation is both absurd and chilling, a potent metaphor for the cost of the war effort. His support for Tony Blair crumbles as it becomes clear that his infantryman son faces real danger. "Happy people don't keep a diary," Adrian concludes. Can greedy readers be forgiven for wishing him just a little more misfortune?
I read one of the earlier books in the series - maybe the first, since I don't recall seeing anything on the book about a sequel, or a prequel - a long time ago.  During my time in France, I think.  If memory serves, I bought it on impulse in England and read it on the flight home, and then re-read it.  I wish I could remember which one it was, because it was a great read, no doubt a precursor to the whole Bridget Jones deal.  Not overly literary, just a diary of a kid.  It fed into my own later obsessive journal keeping. 
Now the kid is an adult, a kid of his own, and it's still rolling.  Pretty good.


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